KFDJ 's first ultra-low-Pressure energy-saving air separation plant was successfully put into operation

2019-01-13 14:30:57 1508

The 16500 Nm3/h ultra-low-pressure energy-saving air separation plant designed and manufactured by KFDJ was successfully put into operation and produced qualified high-purity oxygen and nitrogen products. 

It is known that the KFDJ fully considers the requirements of users for energy saving and environmental protection in the design process of 16500Nm3/h air separation equipment. For the first time, it adopts ultra-low pressure to produce high-purity oxygen and nitrogen air separation process, the exhaust pressure is only 0.42MPa and use the new high-efficiency multi-layer evaporator condenser, high-efficiency low-resistance plate-fin main heat exchanger, structured packing upper and lower column, low-resistance air cooling tower, etc., which independent designed and manufactured by KFDJ. In order to meet the requirements of customers with more liquid volume, set up a efficiency tower to improve the extraction rate of the equipment. At the same time, in order to further save energy, the purification system uses a heating form of a high-efficiency preheating steam heater series-parallel motor heater to reduce the regeneration energy consumption. 

KFDJ said that this air separation plant took only 10 months from the signing of the contract to the successful commissioning. The equipment operated stably for 72 hours and the average oxygen separation energy consumption measured by the meter was 0.388 KWh/Nm3, The energy consumption is about 15% lower than conventional pure oxygen and nitrogen which meets the requirements of customers' energy conservation and environmental protection and fully reflects the comprehensive advantages of the research and development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of KFDJ Air Separation Group.

In the future, KFDJ will keep on technological innovation, continuously research and develop new processes and new technologies, and optimize air separation process, production process, production equipment and management mode, make full use of technological progress to create a new generation of air separation products with KFDJ brand characteristics. Really realize the safety and reliabilityenergy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, economic optimization of air separation and contribute to the development of China's air separation equipment manufacturing industry.